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Ranemaker Institute was founded to help individuals, organizations and cities need help in understanding how to discuss inclusive innovation.  98% of Americans work for companies with less than 100 employees. Most of these organizations do not have human resource departments or an individual who can focus on this important area of the business that is vital to their financial health.  In addition, with more and more Americans being priced out of urban cities there is a large migration of diverse individuals moving to rural America. Organizations often require assistance in creating action plans that take in account inclusion but there are few organizations focusing on creating affordable solutions and understanding the challenges facing rural communities and this is why Ranemaker Institute was launched.  Studies show traditional diversity and inclusion training doesn't move the needle alone. Companies in the top quartile for gender, racial and ethnic diversity are more likely to have up to 35% greater financial returns compared with their national industry medians.

To achieve these results, it requires personalized strategic and tactical plans that are aligned with your organizational business objectives.  Companies, organizations and communities need assistance with enabling, empowering and valuing all team member contributions.  Individuals may struggle communicating their diverse competitive advantages they bring to the table.

Today, businesses require partnerships to be successful. It is important to have a partner trained and certified in brokering multi-stakeholder partnerships to help enable the success of all diverse members in the partnership.

Ranemaker Institute was founded to help leverage Inclusive Innovation as a competitive advantage and not a legal obligation.  Our goal is to help create practical actions that can build inclusive and thriving organizations.


Our Philosophy

Vision: To create a world where everyone is valued and thriving at their best. 

Mission: Creating more inclusive workplaces and communities that value the contributions of all team members and exciting a passion for their roles while making a significant increase in organizational performance.



Knowledge is power: We believe data and assessment drives positive outcomes. Through our process we create your own definition of diversity and inclusion that is backed by your business goals. We are constantly learning, researching and refining our tools, resources and methodology that we will share with you fully.  

Integrity in all we do: When we think about integrity, we believe it is the concept of consistency of actions, values, methods, measures, principles, expectations, and outcomes. Our discussions and work are confidential and not shared unless your organization wishes to do a case study. We only make promises we can keep. 

Respect for all: We believe that all individuals should be respected as it drives people to do their best. When they are valued, it opens them to a growth mindset to be more creative, collaborative and motivated.  Leading organizations and communities to greater innovations and happiness.  It encourages diversity becoming their competitive advantage. 

Open and honest communications: We believe in transparency builds trust. We engage in reflective listening. We recognize every individual for their contributions. We believe sometimes the hardest discussions create the greatest growth opportunities and learnings. Everyone makes a significant contribution and the more truthful people and organizations become more innovative, profitable and happy.

Service and Partnership are the key: Our clients’ satisfaction is our number one priority. We believe in service to individuals, organizations and communities will help everyone reach their full potential. We know partnerships are important for growth, success and longevity and understand that the benefits from the alliance must be equally shared by all partners.  


Our Approach

We know intuitively that diversity matters. It’s also increasingly clear that it makes sense in purely business terms.  A McKinsey Analysis Report says that 15% are more likely to outperform in a gender-diverse company and 35% are more likely to outperform in an ethnically diverse company. Diversity matters because it makes sense in purely business terms.  The financial returns of companies that invest in diversity are higher than their national industrial medians.  They also become the competitive differentiators over a period of time.  So, it should come as no surprise that diverse companies are achieving higher performances.    Diverse companies are better able to win top talent, orient themselves well with their customers and improve decision making.  Other kinds of diversity like age, sexual orientation and experience creates a global mindset and cultural fluency.  Women’s representation in the top levels of management has yielded positive results. 


Inclusive Innovation


More diverse companies, are better able to win top talent and improve their customer orientation, employee satisfaction, and decision making, and all that leads to a virtuous cycle of increasing returns. 


We believe all individuals, organizations, businesses and communities should be able to access diversity and inclusion support.  

Our service includes a comprehensive consult to help identify gaps and opportunities customized to your individual, organizational or community needs.  We believe in data and actions connected to your individual or business objectives.

We offer a suite of quality tools, services and training that will help you get there quickly, smoothly and affordably. That’s how we ensure your success.   We start with an inclusivity survey (better understanding your employees, partners and customers) to help create your baseline that you can use to measure your annual performance and determine what areas and strategies that will make the biggest difference in your organization.  We use practical, affordable and easy to use tools to empower management and employees.

Big Thanks to QuestionPro for supporting our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Assessments-so non-profit organizations can have a free assessment tool and measure their progress annually over time.   They are also our tool of choice for our longitudinal study. 



Customized Diversity & Inclusion Approach

To drive diversity as your competitive advantage you need data, personalized strategy connected to your business results and action plans in recruitment, retention and advancement.  

You can't make significant organizational or personal changes without data.  This included pre and post assessment, creating a dashboard for monitoring and assessing your progress.  At Ranemaker institute we believe data and research makes good decision making.  We are interested in also partnering with organizations and institutions in doing research in showing diversity being a competitive advantage for individuals and organizations.  

 To truly move the dial in diversity and inclusion, organizations need a personalized approach that connects with their business objectives and company culture.   We understand the challenges with small business, non-profits and government organizations  with tight budgets, limited time but a strong desire to change, we work to ensure we can support your budget and time allocation needs.   

Many organizations are challenged with how to recruit, retain and advance their under-represented populations.   Individuals from these groups also do not understand how to position themselves to fully reach their full potential.   As employers have invested in these employees, it is important all is done to ensure they feel respected and their contributions are valued.

Workplace discrimination costs US $64 billion replacing 2M workers.  Many of these situations results from unconscious biases that can be easily remedied if understood.  We help organizations with practical steps in eliminating unconscious biases in everyday workplace environment. 


Training and Development

The first step is knowledge and many organizations need to train their employees on understanding discrimination, harassment, unconscious biases, cultural awareness, stereotype threat, micro-aggression, growth mindset and transformational leadership to help their organization better embrace diversity and inclusion and understand its affect on business and how it can be your competitive advantage. We provide onsite training services.  Online training will be available in 2019.

In addition, to build an organization that values diversity and inclusion the team needs to also see how diversity and inclusion can be fun.  We provide moral and team building training events focused on diversity and inclusion.

With the challenges facing our communities today, it is even more important we value all our citizens and drive the importance of embracing diversity.  Communities who embrace diversity being a competitive advantage will see the economic development of their communities grow.  This takes involvement of public and private entities to make this successful. We provide public private partnership brokering and training to help communities drive successful diversity and inclusion partnerships.


Keynotes, panels, workshops and research

We have spoken at a number of conferences, events, universities and communities regarding diversity and inclusion.   Contact us today if you want us to speak  or present at your event, conference, or organization.  We are also happy to engage in diversity and inclusion research projects.  We are currently working on a three year longitudinal study on how inclusivity grows your competitive advantage, contact us if you would like to participate. 

Launching New Diversity Leadership Series



We are bringing the building blocks to employers, business leaders and students to get the understanding and tactical actions needed to build and celebrate diverse and inclusive business places with a Diversity & Leadership Series in Bend, Oregon.

The series is designed for to be split among the appropriate leader/employee in your organization for each workshop or send one or more employees to the entire series.  Each workshop will provide intense training, hands on activities, employer best practices and peer discussions, as well as worksheets to take back to the office for implementation.  At a very affordable rate $40 per class or $350 for entire series of 10 classes.


2018 Workshops


  • March 27: Unconscious Biases, Stereotype Threat, and Microaggressions: Learn the research and understand how to implement diversity in the workplace strategies in your organization to combat biases and help your employees, projects, and organization thrive.
  • May 22: Mentoring versus Advocacy & Male Advocacy.  Learn the difference; understand the importance of both roles in your organization and resources and skills needed to be a successful mentor and advocate. Building Male Advocates is critical to your organization's success.
  • Sept 25: Recruiting, Retaining, and Advancing a Diverse Workforce: Learn data collection and strategic planning guidelines to develop a diverse workforce. Understand the importance of writing unbiased results-oriented job descriptions,  and develop a strategic plan for increasing meaningful participation & innovation in your company.
  • November: Supervisor, Performance and Talent Management: In this session we will provide supervisors, managers and leaders with resources to create highly productive teams that reduce employee turnover, capitalize on diverse innovative thinking and ultimately strength your bottom line.  Students will receive   Supervisor Success Toolkit that includes or reducing biases in performance management, talent management, resources for identifying and reducing biases, templates, evaluation tools, 1:1 meeting & commitment setting templates, succession planning and how to grow loyal and productive workforce.  We will experience group work, role plays and spend time discussing in small groups your learning.  At the end of the class you will have an opportunity to build manager peer learning circles to continue the learning after the class. 

2019 workshops


  • Jan 22: Tips and tricks for building a Successful Inclusive Start-up. Learn how to utilize a collection of resources and recommendations to help small and growing companies with talent, learn how to create inclusive cultures, recruit and retain diverse employees, and build diverse teams. Guest Speakers: Dan Vetras CEO Kollective, Sarah Mowry Outreach Director Deschutes Land Trust
  • Mar 26:  Respect in the Workplace: Students will understand and recognize the need to remember most employees have good intent but there is a lack of awareness when your group is in dominance.  It may result in unintentional harassment, bullying, hostile work environment and discrimination.  Participants will understand underrepresented and dominant group misunderstandings that results in challenging situations, understand state and federal discrimination, harassment and sexual harassment laws. Students will learn how to change personal approaches, workplace environment and social situations to encourage inclusive behavior and respect in the workplace for all their peers, managers and leaders.  This highly interactive class will have opportunities f or students to work with everyone in the room, in small groups, in role plays and in active discussions.   Guest Speaker: Bryant Campbell Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Manager, Business Oregon
  • May 21:  Using Growth Mindset & Employee Development: Effective feedback gives employees information they can realistically use to increase their learning, ability to influence without authority, better collaborate and improve their performance.  Learn strategies to enable inspired, motivated, life long learning employees.
  • Sept 24:  Managing Diverse Partnerships- It takes multi-stakeholder partnerships with government, business, non-governmental organizations and community organizations to drive greater results and outcomes.  But each one of these sectors uses different language, practices, and metrics. Learn tools and techniques to build transparency and win-win scenarios to successfully broker partnerships.
  • Oct 22: Become a Self-Aware Transformational Leader- inspire other to excel in challenging times; create a focused, motivated, diverse team; and adapt their personal style to make maximum impact. Learn to become a transformational leader with of Empowerment, Accountability, Courage, and Humility (EACH).
  • Nov 19: New Generations, New Thinking – Harnessing the Power of Demographic Change to Transform Diversity and Inclusion. Learn to address generational issues in the workplace and how the shift generations to positive collaborations that involves a fundamental new attitude to diversity, equity and inclusion.    
    Our workshops highlighted by the Bend Chamber's Business Edition

Inclusive Innovation Morale & Team Building

Communication Style

Many misunderstandings, misconceptions and biases happen due to communication challenges.  It's important for your staff to understand each other's communication styles, what team roles you have and may be missing and how to better collaborate with each other and your clients.

Innovative Diverse Art

We will then take the time to teach each individual how to paint his/her communication style using their favorite colors, objects, words that represent his/her communication style.  This will then provide great talking pieces at your office, fun diverse art pieces and  will help employees better communicate with their colleagues.

Food, Drink and What's Included

Of course a proper team event includes food and drink.  Wine, beer, kombucha, water, salad and pizza  or taco bar will be delivered to your office conference room with canvases, paint and paintbrushes. (2.5-3 hour event).


CEO and Founder

Rane Stempson is a recognized leader in Diversity & Inclusion, Innovation, Government, Education and Technology.  She is the CEO and founder of the Ranemaker Institute focused on the need that individuals, organizations and cities need help in understanding how to discuss inclusive innovation and create action plans that benefit themselves, their companies, organizations and communities.  Rane is launching the Inclusive Innovation Initiative in Bend to ensure Bend becomes one of the most inclusive cities in America.

Rane was a 15-year veteran at Microsoft where she held a number of roles, most recently Principal Research Director, where she engaged with academics worldwide and identified high-impact areas for research investigations and leads for growing, attracting and retaining women and under-represented groups in research, science and engineering. She worked on projects that taught middle and high school girls programming, launched the first international women’s hackathon targeting university women around the world, worked on how technology can help us eradicate human trafficking, how solving social issues with technology can increase diversity in technology and how diversity can help businesses become more innovative and drive better business outcomes. She has also helped organizations and groups create diversity strategies in recruitment, retention and advancement of under-represented groups and how diversity can be a competitive advantage for your business. She has launched and created strategic plans for employee resource groups and student organizations regarding women in technology.

Rane has worked actively with organizations like NCWIT, Anita Borg, AAUW, CRA-W, IEEE-WIE, CSTA, ACM-W, CMDiT and researchers on how to grow the pipeline of women and under-represented groups in research, science and engineering. She has been selected to sit on White House and United Nations committees to focus on how technology can stop the commercial sex trafficking of minors and technology inclusion for under-represented minorities in STEM. Previously, as the WW Director of Education Strategy and a certified Partnership Broker she was responsible for multi-stakeholder partnerships, Cisco-Intel-Microsoft Alliance, World Economic Forum- Global Education Initiative, Fast Track Initiative-Private Constituency and helping teams around the world use the power of technology as an accelerator to transform education to meet local government priorities to drive economic and workforce development in the 21st century.

She is an experienced leader in managing global technical teams, marketing, social media, brand, sales, business development & strategy, and turn around organizational development. If something is a disaster Rane has been well-known as the person to turn it around successfully.  She has coached and mentored a number of entrepreneurs, professionals, civil servants, and technical individuals.  Rane is very passionate about diversity, education and technology with twenty years of experience. She has also held a number of roles in the Education sector as the Executive Director of California Skills USA-VICA, Middle School Math and Computer Science Teacher and IT Director for the San Francisco Unified School District. She has served and lead boards of top education, diversity, social good non-profits, legislative committees and task forces.

Rane is a graduate of Bucknell University with a BS Mechanical Engineering, BA Economics/Finance, and George Fox University with an Executive MBA with concentration in Transformational Leadership. Rane is a lifelong learner spending much of her free time outdoors, painting, reading and taking courses on EdX to further her education and skills.  She spends a lot of her free time and energy focused on working with young women and students of color to help them reach their full potential in careers in Science, Technology and Engineering. She has been a keynote speaker, moderator and panelist at a number of conferences, events and universities.  Her research interests lie in diversity being a business imperative and competitive advantage, technology implications in reaching education for all, technology and the interplay of public-private partnerships in solving our greatest social problems, diversity and inclusion driving thriving communities and technology innovations required to engage personalized student learning

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 "We need a new diversity—not one based on biological characteristics and identity politics but a diversity of opinion and worldviews.”—Ayaan Hirsi Ali  

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